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Baudette, MN 56623

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135 Acres Of Farmland

Baudette, Minnesota City Limits

Seller Terms Available

# 29-745

There are 120 acres in one tract, plus 15 acres in a smaller field. Land has been planted to sunflowers for the 2016 crop year. Property has been continuously farmed with the exception from 1992-1999, when it was worked yearly, and no crops planted.. There is another 20 acres in the same large field that can be farmed at no cost to the buyer, until sold.. It is classified commercial, but is currently being farmed, and has Ag status. Property has had lower taxes and the owners have had the land since 1975, and we were full time farmers for a number of years. Seller terms available, with 15% down, with 4 % per annum with determined ending date.. Owner is a licensed Real Estate Agent. Call Ron Streed at 218-634-2715 for more detailed information. $269,000.

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